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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maxis IPO Application Status: Successful

Went to the website of to check the status of my Maxis IPO application that I applied with my brother's blue form and it is successful. Yahoo? Well, only Yahoo if and when there's profit. Until now, though, we still haven't received any notification of successful application in the mail and tomorrow is the targeted day for listing already. haih.. thank god for technology!

My aunt, who also applied via the blue form was unsuccessful in her Maxis IPO application and already received her banker's draft in the mail a couple of days ago. When she told me that, I was pretty hopeful with my application. In this case, it's a matter of "no news is good news", right?

I mentioned my successful Maxis IPO application on Facebook and everyone wants me to treat them to a meal. That just shows how greedy people are. Anyway, if there is a profit, I am sharing it 50/50 with my brother so there won't be much left for me unless the price goes high, really high.


Naro said...

I check online at, none.. check my mailbox, none.. so, how do check alternatively?

Anonymous said...

If you are checking on the website of MIH, you have to put in your MyKad in this format xxxx-xx-xxxx with dashes.

Another way to check is to call up your remisier to ask or check with the stock brokerage office with your CDS account number.

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