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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Investment Jitters

A friend has been successful with his Maxis IPO application as well. Actually, I was the one who urged him to apply and guided him through the process of applying with the Blue Form that qualifies him for restricted balloting. He's so new in this, he didn't even have a CDS account.

Since applying, he's been messaging me that he hopes he's no successful with his application, that he would get back his banker's draft soon, and all sorts of negative comments. I am so tired just trying to allay his fears.

Actually, this friend is no new to investment. He has a valuable collection of rare gold coins but he thinks that investing in stocks and commodities carries higher risks than rare coins. Well, that's hard for me to say since I may be an old hand in stocks but have not sought greater knowledge in investing in rare coins except to keep the coin collection that my mother passed to me.

Anyway, listing for Maxis is tomorrow and we shall know if this counter will be as strong as it was before going private.


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