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Monday, November 16, 2009

It's All About Money

I told Kelly that I recently replaced the battery of my Nokia smart phone and the battery that our father bought on my behalf cost me RM80. It's super expensive, I think, and although the sales girl at the shop said it's an original battery, I am not convinced because it did not come with any packaging at all.

Kelly told me that her mobile phone battery also conked out recently and after much research decided that it's cheaper to replace the phone. She said that in the US, things don't last. If it's broken, it's cheaper to replace it than to attempt to fix it.

The same goes for cars. Her car is giving her problems already and it is really not worth the trouble or the money to repair it she is already looking for a new car. Kelly said that it's all about money in the United States. Of course, apparently, there are more opportunities but even so, there are still so many people living below the poverty line. Kelly said that as long as one has a job, an income, one would be fine but if one loses her job, one's gone, you know what I mean?


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