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Friday, November 27, 2009

Make Over From Top To Toe

One thing that I really would like to do, once I am free from the responsibility of caring for Snoopy, is a complete makeover. You know that day I had to give myself a haircut because my hair has gotten so long, with six months in the house and not being able to even step out of the house because my other family members are not dependable, so now my hair is all wayward, so much so that I don't even know how to describe. This isn't the first time I did it, actually. LOL

And then, since I have so many clothes to buy, new shoes and even a new watch, because the battery is flat already 6+ plus kept in the drawer, I might as well change my style completely. All the clothes that I wear at home are already torn while the ones that I wear out, I don't think they fit me well anymore since I lost so much weight.

As for shoes, I didn't know that Snoopy would drag on this long and I didn't keep my shoes well. One day rolled into another and now my shoes are all so dusty and unappealing, I am not going to put my feet in!

And then I would have to get facial and visit the dentist, things that i normally do but had to stop because I am stuck with Snoopy!


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