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Friday, November 27, 2009

Annual School Holidays

My friend who has two school-going children told me that after a week of school holidays, she is being driven nuts already. She just can't wait for the new school term to start so that she could regain some peace of mind. But Amy said that if her husband could take some time off work, they may go on vacation to an all inclusive resort. She thinks that's the best solution to let the children expand their energy and with everything all-inclusive, it takes the workload off her from having to plan for the vacation. It's not easy planning for a family vacation when there are young children, and on such short notice too.

I asked her if she has any all inclusive vacations in mind but she said she has none. I thought that Jamaica all inclusive vacations would be great. Haven't we all seen travel books of how beautiful the beaches of Jamaica are? Amy and her family travel extensively but have not been to Jamaica before so it is a great opportunity to do so this year.

A friend, Lance, got married by the beach there and from his photos, I could see that Caribbean resorts simply have breathtaking views out to the sea. Imagine standing on the balcony, with the wind blowing, watching the sunrise or sunset. It will definitely be an extremely memorable vacation!


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