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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Living With Murder

Recently, there was a Penang case where a municipal licensing officer poured acid onto his wife, killing her, and blinded his daughter when the acid also splashed on her as the wife and daughter were sleeping. I assume they were sharing a bed or something.

And then there is the case of Brian Thomas, a South Wales guy who killed his wife of 40 years, last year, as he dreamt that he was fighting off burglars into his camper van when in fact, he was strangling his wife, who was sleeping next to him.

I have no idea if the Penang man would be charged for murder or if he could plea insanity but Brian Thomas has been acquitted from murder even though he did kill his wife. His vivid dreams were brought on by his sudden withdrawal of anti-depressants and other drugs.

Humans never cease to amaze and shock us. Even though the Penang man said that he wanted to only scare his wife, and Brian Thomas definitely didn't murder his wife on purpose, how can they continue to live, knowing that they have directly caused the death of a loved one? Not just anyone, but their wives.

Even in this Penang case, this man may no longer love his wife anymore, but since they were once married, I am sure he loved her in the beginning. How could he wish for this to happen? But having killed the wife is really only a small issue compared to the fact that he has blinded his daughter. What a despicable person. If I was the one who did this, heck, I would hate myself so much I would throw myself off KOMTAR or Penang Bridge!


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