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Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Dream" Vacation

At this point, my dream vacation seems to be too far-fetched to happen. Sometimes, I feel like I am spinning in circles with no way out of the situation, with no control at all.

My dream holiday destination used to be Monaco. I guess it's all because of all those TV shows and books of the rich and famous but I guess, I could totally forget about it already. These days, even the thought of taking an Outer Banks vacation rental for a week puts a smile on my lips. Heck, a short weekend trip to Pangkor would make me jump with joy!

But you know, if I could finally get away, it would mean that Snoopy has left us. Yesterday, I told my friend that even as I am so frustrated being like this, even if I am so angry to be trapped so, when Snoopy's time comes, i would still be very sad. I guess no one would really understand the pain that I am going through having raised Snoopy since he was only three weeks old.


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