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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Indoor Pets

My father's friend, Mick, came to visit us a couple of days ago and he was a tad surprised to see that we have brae floors. He is an interior designer, you see, and he thinks that with such a large floor space, we should make sections on the floor with rugs and tiles of different colors and designs.

Of course this is what I want would like to do as well and will definitely do it when I have my own place but we have pets indoors, or used to have, now we only have a bedridden dog, and with all the dog fur and antiseptic dust powder flying around, it is not practical to have rugs on the floor.

I guess Mick is not someone who has an indoor pet or know of anyone who does. people who need to engage an interior designer have no room for a pet indoors. Those of us who live with animals would know that we can't really keep anything lying around if we don't want it to be dirtied, peed and pooed on or shredded into pieces. LOL


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