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Friday, November 20, 2009

High Cost Of Owning A Car

With all those conditions imposed under the national Automotive Policy (NAP), it is so expensive to own a car. I calculated, from a friend's recent purchase of an ordinary Myvi car, that he would need at least $1500 to own and use it and just around the city only. Imagine if he drives interstate! I figure that soon, only the very rich could afford to own a car, just like people in Singapore.

I wouldn't mind riding on a motorcycle but I cannot ride one. My father never allowed because he said that almost everyone who rides a motorcycle will fall at least once. Well, if I was living in Pleasanton, California, I could always look for a Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney should an accident occur but here, I believe there are no attorneys who specialize in motorcycle accidents.

SIGH, I guess I will have to save more money before I dare dream of buying a car. Have to buy a newer, more expensive one now no thanks to all those conditions!


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