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Friday, November 27, 2009


Jason contacted me a couple of days ago after losing touch for at least three weeks. Actually, we didn't really lose touch except that since he lost his job, for months now already, he didn't have access to the internet anymore and we can not chat online anymore. We used to chat for many hours though not to the point of live chat video but don't get me wrong, this isn't the reason that he lost his job. It was something else.

Anyway, Jason told me that he is not looking for a job at the moment. Well, the employment market is really weak right now and it would be pointless to search. Besides, age isn't really on his side anymore and he knows it.

Jason said that he has a little luck dabbling in shares in KLSE and at night, he spends time speculating on NASDAQ counters. His brother is a fund analyst and they, along with capital from a few siblings, have pooled their resources to invest in NASDAQ shares. Because of limited capital, Jason said that these earnings wouldn't be enough to turn them into tycoons but then his share of the profit is enough to help him cover his low monthly expenses.

SIGH, I guess that with “easy” money like this, he wouldn’t be looking for proper employment anytime soon, even when the employment market recovers.


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