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Friday, November 27, 2009

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale

Goodness! i read about the Big Bad Wolf Books sale in The Star yesterday where books are selling at 70 - 90% off retail prices and boy, do I want to be there! With over 200,000 books and magazines on sale from 26th November to 2nd December, 2009, on Level 3 of Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, one would need to spend the whole day, not just one day but a few days there to browse and shift through stacks of books.

The feeling of being surrounded by good books is something that I don't even know how to describe but I am sure it's understood only by another book lover. Gosh, it really has been such a long time since I grabbed cheap books, and it has been an even longer time since I held a book, good or bad, in my hands. I guess the computer and keyboard have taken over my life so much, I no longer have time for books, but I still love books and still collect them even if I do not have the time for them just yet. I keep telling myself that I would go through them when I retire but it doesn't look like I am retiring anytime soon.

I don't remember mentioning this before on my blog but my favourite genres of books, besides fiction, is autobiographies. I love to read about people. Biographies are great too but I enjoy it more if it was self-written. I love to read miracle stories, even if they are tinged with religion.

Anyway, argh! Why don't we have such sale in Ipoh? A friend who came to Ipoh recently on a short work trip told me that Ipoh is very boring. Hahaha!


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