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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Super Gaming System

Warren told me that he would really like to have a new super gaming computer. This guy is a game freak, I tell you. He is the only person I know who could sit in front of the computer after work on Friday evening and play, play, play until it is time to go to work on Monday morning. And you know, this is a married man! It is a wonder that his wife would tolerate him but she told me that it is better for him to be at home, even if he just faces the computer than going out with his friends and have a "jolly" time. True also!

Anyway, Warren said that he can't really decide if he should buy a super gaming computer or a netbook. Both are around the same price since he wants a high end netbook, not a cheap entry level one. If he does get a new gaming system, he would have three desktop computers at home and there are only two people in the house! He said he cannot justify the cost, and rightly so! On the other hand, a netbook affords portability and convenience. Though netbooks aren't real work horses, at least he could still be in touch with the online world when he travels, and he does travel quite often.

Well, I really can't decide for him or dare I even suggest. Knowing him and his reputation of being extremely tight with his purse strings, a new range of netbooks would be out before he could commit to a purchase.


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