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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yet Another New Blogger

My cousin, Rich, who just started college this year, told me that he would like to start a blog. Somehow being a blogger seems to be an IN thing among his new friends. Moreover, with the start of a new chapter in life, he has many new things going on in his life to share with his family and friends.

I advised Rich to start self-host his blog and not use a free blogging service like I did. I started on the wrong footing and I have my regrets because of it but Rich should learn from my mistake. Moreover, with me to help him set up a WordPress blog and guide him along the way, he should encounter as many bumps in his new blogging journey like I did.

There are many web hosts that offer low cost hosting services tailored for new blog and small websites that Rich should look into. These are budget-friendly and he could upgrade his package sometime down the line when his blog gains more traffic. For more information, Rich could check out the top ten web hosting companies recommended by Web Hosting Choice. All these companies come with a comprehensive review so we know their strong points; from best host to best support, low price to fastest growing.


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