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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Helpful Quit Smoking Information

Many of my friends are smokers. I ask them all the time what is so nice about smoking and they can't answer me because they know it's not cool, it’s bad for health and second hand smoke is bad for the people around them and yet they continue to smoke because they couldn't stop.

A friend, T, recently managed to quit smoking. It has been six months already and I would say that he is only a handful of people I know who managed to quit smoking successfully. T said that although he has tried to kick the habit before, he was not successful because he personally did not want to quit. He tried to quit because his girlfriend asked him to. This time, he wanted to do it and his willpower was very strong. Even though he continues to spend time with his friends who are smokers, he never felt tempted to smoke again.

There is a lot of helpful Quit Smoking Information on the internet and I guess a smoker who intends to quit needs to find a method that he is most comfortable with. T said that one day he decided to quit and so just stopped smoking altogether. Going cold turkey is not for everyone because it is the toughest method. T said that he suffered from ALL withdrawal symptoms but they only lasted a week.

The good thing about quitting smoking is that a smoker's lungs would be back to a non-smoking condition after about a year of not smoking. And T told me that he is now paying for a new car with the money he saved not buying cigarettes. And he now qualifies for a non-smoker discount on his insurance too!

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Smoking is a bad habit which causes not only inconvenience to others but also harmness. Being a non smoker myself i felt very irritated at times when I'm in a restaurant while eating and there is a NO SMOKING sign, some idiot just smokes away. The restaurant operator just doesn't care. Second hand smoke on the other hand is more lethal than the first hand smoke. :-/

Some of my friends are hardcore smokers when I tell them to look at those NICE pictures printed on those cigarette boxes and told them that their medical condition could be just like them on those boxes, you know what they told me? "ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS". I guess some really need their quick fix.

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