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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FIVE Months

Yesterday, 19th October, 2009, marked five months since Snoopy became invalid. Who is counting? It looks like only I am. The days seem too long; I am kept totally busy and yet at the end of the day, I felt like I have done nothing, NOTHING, at all. Life is short and I should move on but what can I do?

A friend asked if it was a good idea to keep Snoopy. What can I answer? Definitely this isn’t something that I wanted, but I am stuck too, you know? Snoopy has definitely outlived my expectations in view of his physical condition but then there are many invalid people who continue to live for YEARS! *shudders*

I KNOW I have spent too much time and energy taking care of a dog; JUST a dog, but Snoopy only has me while I could have many more dogs in the future if I wanted to. Could I leave Snoopy to die? I can’t do it. I’m so sad, nobody knows ……

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To my personal opinion, your dog could be suffering and you don't know because IT can't tell you. IT can't say IT is in pain. The only option is... Put it to sleep? :-/

I believe it has done its duty serving you throughout the years. As you said it life is short and i believe moving on is a good idea.

I too have situations quite similar to this. That's why i been playing games like Return Of Warrior( and killing every single virtual player inside the game trying to forget the past.

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