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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2009

Although tomorrow is the first day of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, Nine Emperor Gods temple around the world are receiving the deities from nearby rivers or sea tonight. I am going to miss this event this year, which will last for a total of nine days, because of Snoopy.

My friend sent me a text message just now letting me know that he spotted many women dressed in hot pants and blouses with plunging necklines at the temple. And then there are plenty of smoking Ah Bengs and advertisements by beer companies.

Well, I think that there is a time to do anything and certainly, this isn't the time to be dressed in clothes like that. Neither is this the time to be advertising beer. The Nine Emperor Gods are very strict and temple committee members have to be on strict vegetarian diet, abstain from smoking, gambling and sex, and also talk in the most respectful manner without peppering the speech with foul words.

But then again, religion is from the heart and even if we follow all those rules to a T and yet are not religious, it doesn't mean anything, right?


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