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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Budget For The People?

Budget 2010 was unveiled yesterday and boy, isn't it the same old tune again that it's for the people? Frankly, going through the list of supposed goodies, I cannot see anything concrete that would benefit ordinary people like myself.

Sure, you can say that the maximum tax cut has been reduced from 27% to 26% but what good does this do? Do we all earn that high an income? Definitely not.

University students get to buy a netbook package via an installment plan of RM200 per month for two years with free broadband but are we all university students? Do university students REALLY need netbooks to study? Isn't a netbook luxury? RM200 per month with free broadband thrown in may seem attractive but what are the specifications of the netbook? Who would really benefit from this proposed budget? A certain netbook manufacturer and a certain internet service provider, of course.

Another ridiculous item on Budget 2010 is the "service fee" of RM50 that will be imposed annually beginning 1st January, 2010, on all credit and charge cards supposedly as a measure to promote more prudent spending. This RM50 "service fee" is on principal cards while RM25 is on supplementary cards, including cards that have been issued free of charge.

What would REALLY promote prudent spending is not by imposing a service fee but to limit the number of credit and charge cards that we could own based on our income levels. Now, I believe this would really help. By imposing a service fee on the millions of credit cards around the country, again, who are the real beneficiaries?


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