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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Korean Fashion In Malaysia

By now, I am sure you would know that I am into all things Korean. Must be all the dramas I watch. And I know that the reason I continue to torture myself with all the tears is because of the Korean language, scenery, fashion and all cute Korean things, especially the guys! :)

I was checking online to see if I could buy Korean clothes in Malaysia and a blogger friend told me about Irenelim Fashion. I must admit that I do sometimes see her ping her blog on PPS but I did not check her blog up because I did not know that she carries Korean fashion as well, much to my regret.

These two dresses that I took from her online boutique are actually just RM50 each which I think is very affordable. Tell me they are cute! Now, the problem is that I am not sure if I have the body shape to carry these dresses well. Plus I think that only fair girls would look good in them and I am dark that people do not think I am Chinese, according to my friend. SIGH!

Irenelim Fashion is promoting her online boutique by offering free clothes inclusive of free delivery within Malaysia and I think that it's an awesome idea as it allows shoppers to try out her services and check out the quality of her products before shopping at Irenelim Fashion.


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