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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Will You Abandon Your Blogs?

A friend asked me if I will abandon my blogs now that my PR has tanked. Well, why should I? Did I start my blog because of Google or the Page Rank? Although I attained a Page Rank of three only after a couple of months setting this up and I do miss my Page Rank, only because of all the opportunities that I missed, am missing and will be missing, I am not going to stop blogging here just because there is less green on the tool bar now.

No doubt, I would pay to have things remained the same but this is something that I can't change. Google giveth and Google taketh and although Google commands a large share of the internet, never let Google tell you how good you are. You are as good as you think you are.

However, if this blog has gone unranked, I would have moved my contents to my own hosted domain. I would have taken the chance to consolidate my blogs. But since I am neither here nor there right now, I am going to continue with all my blogs, and set up even more niche blogs!

Cannot, meh?


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