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Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Career In Nursing

Several of my friends are nurses. When I left school, they told me to join them too but nursing is not my cup of tea because I could never see people fall sick but they told me that they look at things the other way. They are happy when they see patients come in sick but go home fit and strong.

Out of these friends who are nurses, only one has a Registered Nurse Degree. It's not that it's hard to obtain but the course is not easily available here.

Juts now, I got to know that Hondros College is offering Nursing LPN & RN degrees in their new campus. In fact, their school of nursing has already been launched a year ago. They even have plans to further expand by opening more campuses.

I think that I would let my friends know that they could upgrade themselves by taking a degree course in nursing. Hondros College also could arrange for financial assistance if the student requires it.


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