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Friday, November 02, 2007

What's On My Mind?

Two evenings ago, I was having dinner with my friend and he said that he envisions that even as I am sitting with him, my mind would be thinking, "Am I missing any paid posts?" Haha! You see, he knows that I blog for pay and indeed, I did recommend that he start a blog last year but he told me that he is lazy and would not be committed to his blog.

Well, one year passed by just like that and yet he did not even start the blog. Oh well, one woman's meat is another man's poison and I concede that writing paid posts is not everyone's cup of tea.

Anyway, I told him that he's wrong because at that hour, paid posts are not being released usually so my mind is not thinking about that.

However, I am sure that every blogger will be thinking something like, "Eh, this is bloggable lah! I am so going to blog about it when I am home!" I know I do think all the time. It's just that sometimes when I arrive home, either I am too tired to construct the scenario into words or the topic just doesn't seem as attractive o interesting anymore.

And sometimes, I come home only to forget what I actually wanted to write about! Nowadays, when I could, I'd just save short notes on my phone so that I will remember what I want to write about.


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