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Friday, November 02, 2007

Looking For A Radiator?

My friend, Soo, is a car collector. He loves to race but he would buy an ordinary sporty looking car and spend tons of money modifying it. I wonder why he never gets bored! The other day, he told me that he needs to look for an Integra Radiator and it's not available here. We live in a cow town, I told you!

Why not try buying online? I love to shop online and shopping for a radiator is no different, I believe.

The first store that comes to mind is Radiator.com. It's funny that we found this store by just randomly typing this URL into our browser and it's our luck to stumble upon an online store that is the leader in radiators and cooling component for cars and other vehicles.

According to Soo, Radiator.com has the widest selection of radiators that he has ever seen and their prices are very competitive as well. I have no use for a radiator because I don't even own a car but if you are looking for one, you may want to check out Radiator.com!


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