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Friday, November 02, 2007

What An Inspiration!!!

Samm has already published her blog earnings for the month of October, 2007. I must say that it's a feat to earn a 5-figure income through blogging for three consecutive months. RESPECT!

I know that I am huffing and puffing behind and now with my tanked Page Ranks, I don't have a chance anymore. And I thought that I promised not to sleep as much in October! See, now I have wasted yet another month! Haha!

If you want to be like Samm then you will have to be prepared to sacrifice sleep, work hard and persevere and blog off the fly, managing multiple niche blogs. Can you do that? I can't because am lazy and I love to sleep lol Besides, I keep running out of ideas to blog about!

I would be happy if I earned half of that but my hands are already suffering from the onset of Carpal Tunnel and I haven't even started haha!

And of course, nobody could beat Lilian who earned USD5,628 in October. Congratulations!


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