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Friday, November 02, 2007

My GOD, USD Continues Falling!

It looks like very time I check out the currency exchange rate on, the USD continues to be weaker and weaker. This does not augur well for me or for my sister and all who are earning USD from blogging.

Check out this screenshot of the latest exchange rate. It's now US$0.30 to a Ringgit. It used to be US$0.28 just a few short weeks ago. If you think that the difference is slight, multiple this small margin by a few million dollars and think what a difference that makes.

A friend of ours used to be the branch manager of Maybank and he told us that even if the difference in exchange rate is only 0.000X, the total monies gained or lost is a considerable amount of money.

Currently with the USD trending downwards, there's nothing to do but withdraw your USD as fast as possible!


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