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Friday, November 02, 2007

Want To Study Cosmetology?

My sister told me that in the United States, no matter what they want to study, there will always be the school to cater to them. Take for instance you want to study cosmetology. You can be sure that there are cosmetology schools, unlike in Malaysia where people have to go out of the country to take up their favorite courses or settle for a course that they are not passionate about.

Regency Beauty Institute is a beauty school with more than fifty years of experience and campuses through out the country. Their students are taught so well that they are highly sought after by salons due to the high standard.

I used to want to study cosmetology as well but I was told that we ourselves have to look beautiful. I am not sure if this is true though, but I gave up my ambition because there’s no school here for me!


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