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Friday, November 02, 2007

Romantic or Realistic

When I saw this quiz on BlogThings, Are You a Romantic or Realistic Girl?, I just have to take the quiz. Do you know why? That's because my friend keeps saying that I am totally unromantic. I told him that I am a realist. Romance is fine but not when the relationship has no headway, you know what I am saying? I don't see the point of going through the motions just because everyone is!

Anyway, I did the quiz as best as I could. Sometimes, there were two options that I could pick but then I tried to be as close as possible to what I feel about the situation.

So here you go. My friend was right and so was I. I am a total realist and I am not a wee bit surprised. Haha!

You are Totally Realistic

"Romance" means you're about to roll your eyes
Seriously, you can do without the sap or drama
Save it for someone who has nothing really going on in their relationship

For you, love is real - and easily integrated into your life
You don't need candles, flowers, or chocolates to know he's the one
Just some stimulating conversation... and maybe a great smile.


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