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Thursday, November 01, 2007

What Day Is Today?

Do you know what day is today? If you're not a Christian, you probably won't know. It's All Saints' Day. Remember boy and girls, 1st November is All Saints' Day. One day after Halloween which is like our Ghost festival and one day before All Souls' Day, which falls on 2nd November every year.

Although I am not a Christian either, I am aware of religion and I respect them all because my family is made up of the various major religions.

All Souls' Day will see us and the extended family converge at the Catholic cemetery to offer prayers to our late grandmother. It's tomorrow and I should go but I am not sure if I could get away from work for a few hours.

It will also be a good chance to meet up with the family, although I don't like it but I feel that it's the duty of the younger generation to continue to form a family bond after the seniors have passed on.


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