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Thursday, November 01, 2007


It's been raining the whole evening. I told my friend that I am not going anywhere but stay at home only and he asked me, "Why, no mood ar?"

Huh, he thinks that I am this siew cheh whose mood follows the weather meh? I am staying in because my monkey hates the rain and is afraid of the lightning and thunder, hence I have to be around and accompany him in case he lapses into fits.

See, keeping sick pets is not easy but then it's like rearing a child. You can't dump him just because he is sick. Heh I have a better sense of responsibility than the Indian girl's mother and step father. What's her name again, Rekha or something like that? I have forgotten after reading the news in The Star.

I just realised that my two monkeys are already 14 human years old this November *shivers* I am scared :-(


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