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Thursday, November 01, 2007

IMAP Is Finally Here!

After waiting for strike>years ages for my Gmail to support IMAP, it is finally here this morning. Do you know, I have three Gmail accounts and the one that is my primary email address and which I would like my phone to retrieve my email from automatically HAS to be the last to get IMAP???

Now that I have set my phone on IMAP instead of POP, I totally do not like it. The only feature that I like about IMAP is the 5 minute email retrieval. Of course, I would have preferred an instant retrieval but 5 minutes is an improvement from POP's 30 minutes!

You may wonder why I do not like IMAP. Well, when delete my email from my phone, it sends the mail to my ALL Mail folder. I would rather have preferred the mail in my web account to be untouched so that I could perform some other action on that mail. I just deleted it from my phone because I don't like them to fill up my screen.

Also, now that I have synced my folders, I have more buttons to press just to access my new email. And then I am unable to set the email to only retrieve new email from this point onwards. What it did was to retrieve all email from the past 30 days. Uurrgh what an anti-climax!

I know some people like this features but I don't. Give me POP any day but please retrieve my email instantly. Can ah??


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