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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ask Spock Who Is From Your City

The other day when I wrote about Spock, I forgot to check who from my city has already joined Spock. The world is rather small and it will not be surprising if I find my old school friends from Spock.

This morning, with some free time on my hands, I managed to explore Spock further. I searched for "Ipoh", my home city and Spock returned 2286 people from its database. It looks prominent personalities will always appear on the top of the searches first. I do not know how Spock determines that. At first, I thought that somebody must have spent time profiling these people, even those who are deceased, on Spock but I noticed that most of these people have a profile on Wikipedia so perhaps Spock has a program that scans Wikipedia for profiles of prominent people.

I went through the results and I realize that although some people has tagged IPOH on their profile, they may not necessarily live in Ipoh or work in Ipoh. One of the members was born and bred in the United Kingdom but still tagged Ipoh because his father was born in Ipoh. Isn't that funny?

This widget here is the search results I managed to get for my search term Ipoh. By the way, only registered members would be able to grab the code for a widget. Now, you may wonder why you should register with Spock. Don't you want to embed a widget on your blog like what I am doing?

Although I normally don't like signing up with websites due to User ID and Password overload, I decided to sign up with Spock to claim all my email address and social profiles across the web. Yes, I joined them all a long time ago and now that I have claimed them from Friendster, Hi5, My Space, Plaxo and LinkedIn, I can better manage my profiles from a single Spock profile.

Excuse me while I go and add more tags to my Spock profile!


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