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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cheap Orlando Accommodation

As you know, my friend Markus is very well-versed with all things Orlando. He goes there at least once a year. Sometimes three times a year, thanks to his grandparents who have made Florida their retirement home.

He just told me that he managed to obtain accommodation at an orlando area hotel at a discount. I was surprised as this is a peak season for holiday makers and I know from experience that it would not be easy to get a room, let alone one at a discount rate!

Markus told me that he made his reservation online via a booking agent who was able to offer wholesale price. Markus said that if he had gone directly to the website of the hotel, he would never get a good room at such an attractive rate. A little savings on accommodation and theme park entrance tickets mean that he would get to enjoy more of the city!


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