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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Woolley Food City

If you live in my cow town, you would have heard that Woolley Food Court was taken over by a new boss from the Woo family and underwent total renovation. I had the opportunity to shoot this photo but it was raining hard so everything looked rather blurry. If the weather was good, I would have taken more photos.

According to a reliable source, the toilets here are air-conditioned. They think like 5-star hotels meh?? Hah... and it is free for all to use.

I haven't gone in yet but I was told that food here is not cheap because of the high rental. Everything looks so nice and clean right now because they just recently opened for business again.

Let's see how long they can maintain the building in this spic and span condition! I hope to eat out here before they get dirty and rundown! lol


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