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Monday, October 22, 2007

Is A License Required For CB Radios?

My friend recently passed his Morse code and ham radio exam but he told me that to actually obtain the license, he would need two senior members of the national amateur radio club to countersign his application for a license. Is that ridiculous or what?

Now my friend says that he would rather operate CB Radios for family use but am not sure if this requires a license or not. I told him that in Malaysia, he can be sure that it will have to be legalized with a license. It was only until recently that the TV and Radio License was scrapped!

I told my friend to find out and make doubly sure first before buying his CB Radio. We don't want to end up at the wrong side of the law!! I was afraid that he became too enthusiastic with his research of the various CB Radios that he bought them without remembering that is may be illegal to own one here!


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