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Monday, October 22, 2007

So Out Of Touch

I am so out of touch with the real world no thanks to the continuous stream of work that I honestly do not know what's going on anymore. Heck, I even lost track of the day and time!

Last evening, I was out and was supposed to go to a shopping mall but got caught in a traffic jam. I went there not that I have anything specific to buy though so I was not that aggravated when there was not even one parking lot available.

My poor cow town was crowded because Astro's starlets were here for a road show over the weekend. And I didn't even know about such a "big" event!

From the banners, seems like they came for three days and were at there different locations. The banner, however, did not specify the specific date and time and location but just general information. I wonder how these folks knew about it.

I didn't even know who came and I couldn't care less anyway, but the crowd made up of teenagers to senior citizens haha! Really, if you are a public figure, you will be open to admiration from people from all walks of life!


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