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Monday, October 22, 2007

Dial For Cheap Dubai Flights

Have I told you about my friend, Fariz? He works as an engineer with an Oil & Gas exploration company and gets to travel all over the world. His is currently based in Dubai while his family continues to live in London. They can't be traipsing all over the world together with him, right?

Fariz told me that thanks to cheap flights to Dubai, his family can visit him as often as they like. He says that for the past year, thanks to DialAFlight, they have had numerous holidays in Dubai without going out of budget.

According to Fariz, other Middle East flights are cheap too and what they need to do is give DialAFlight a call. This is a UK based, company, by the way. Fariz said that while he is in Dubai, they are going to get the most out of DialAFlight's cheap flights to Dubai and hope that when he is transferred to another country, DialAFlight would still be able to cater to their need for cheap flights!


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