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Monday, October 22, 2007

Lamb Stew At Secret Recipe

I met my friend over lunch at Secret Recipe and since he is not a blogger, he does not understand the need for Bloggers to shoot whatever food they have ordered first before digging in! Now, since I am not a food blogger, I also have no qualms about showing the after effects of what was supposedly Lamb Stew!! Hahaha!

If I were a food blogger and all I have is a shot like this to show, I would feel like I have committed a big crime or sin. Ah! Who cares, right?

I only took out my camera (mobile device) when my friend left the table. He is not a cam whore too :D

I still have lots of emtpy plates to show but I shall not publish them. Boy, two people can eat a lot too, you know? :p


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