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Monday, October 22, 2007

Shopping At The Vine Store

In a previous post, I wrote that my friend, Philip, has a bar in his home. He wanted to have the bar renovated to reflect his preference and no longer his father's who passed away a long time ago.

Philip was looking for a refreshing design with contemporary touches including the bar stools and wine racks so you can imagine the research that he has done online for items that will suit his new bar.

I told Philip of The Vine Store at which I came to know of a few months ago. I thought that Philip would find something suitable here due to their vast selection of wine racks.

If you are looking for any kind of wine rack from wall-mounted to wooden wine racks to wrought iron, vertical or even hanging wine racks, The Vine Store is the place to check. Also in their inventory are wine rack furniture and specialty wine racks that will command a second look due to their uniqueness. If you do not believe me, then just take a look at what is being offered by The Vine Store.

Philip was surprised that we can actually save more money by buying online with their special internet price than buying from a retailer. Perhaps it is due to the extra expenses in shipping costs but then there is no added Sales Tax unless we are living in Ohio. So that is extra savings too.

Apart from wine racks, The Vine Store also carries a range of wine accessories and wine cellar accessories. Shopping at The Vine Store will be a breeze as we can shop according to product type or price range.

Hopefully, Philip will find what he wants here!


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