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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Withdraw or Not???

I have a little free time tonight and I could get to the bank to withdraw some money. However, the currency is at a pathetic rate of 1 USD = 3.36545 MYR. HHmmm shall I withdraw or shall I not? When will the USD strengthen wor???

A couple of days ago, it was at 3.34 . My heart nearly fell to my stomach and now that it is a little better, shall I go and grab that opportunity? Aiyo, dilemma. I don't want to lose and yet I don't want to lose MORE. Who knows how much it will be when a new week starts in a day or two? Will it dip to 3.34 again or worse?

Once again, I wish that it would be pegged at 3.80 but that is only wishful thinking! OK la, I will compromise. Give me 3.50, OK?

I think I will just close my eyes and go get that money out *sigh*


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