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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Renovating The Bar

I mentioned before that my friend, Philip, has a bar in his home. There are only three people I personally know who have a bar at home and they are all rich guys :-)

Philip inherited the bar from his father years ago. Recently, he told me that it is high time he upgraded the bar and decorate it to his taste. I guess that he became bored with how the bar looks like and it was built according to his father's old fashioned taste.

I showed Philip the website of Furniture From Home where I went to look for online dining sets for my own house. By the way, check out the site for the widest range of dining room sets. Most of the dining sets are in dark colors so if you have a suitable theme for your home, this is the place to look. I find the designs very classy and carry a clean cut. They are solid looking yet elegant.

Anyway, what we went to Furniture From Home for is actually the bar stools that Philip wants to buy. Boy, you should see the vast selection of bar stools here! At a glance, I think that there are about 120 different stools!

Philip got confused and I told him that there is really no hurry to browse through the products on by one. He said that he is really taken in by the wrought iron bar stool and I do agree that it is very elegant looking. However, I told him that he should get something that matches the design of his bar, which he is still waiting for the designer to show him the plans.

Counter height swivel bar stools are great too. It is really hard to decide when all of them are so exquisite looking and exude class. They sure won't look out of place in Philip's elegant home!


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