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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Floored By "Ajinomoto"

If you are local, you would know that Ajinomoto is what we call monosodium glutamate, just like what Americans like to say Xerox for all photocopying no matter that the photocopying machine is not from Xerox.

Anyway, last night, my father bright home a packet of fried noodles for me as my supper. Yea, I take supper every night, no wonder I am so fat lah!

Two hours later, I was so damn sleepy, I could not even open my eyes! I suspect that the noodles have Ajinomoto. Dang it, made me missed all the paid postings!

A blog buddy sent me an SMS to let me know but I didn't even hear it! I woke up about thirty minutes late and that too by a loud email alert but by then all the slots have already been reserved. I managed to get one miserable post only and my eyes kept drooping and I couldn't even pay attention to what I was writing. Suffice to say, I caught myself writing rubbish but had the chance to correct them before publishing Haha!

Damn, I have already blacklisted the hawker. Who needs Ajinomoto in their food? Sumore make me miss all the $$$. Cheh!

Note to self: Must remember to set my SMS alert louder!!!


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