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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

John Clinebell's Stomping Grounds

One of the things I love doing what I do by blogging is that I am introduced to so many different websites, products, services, entertainers and up-and-coming singer songwriters.

Last night, I was introduced to John Clinebell. I must admit I have not heard of him before. What can I expect when I have my music player looped on Bon Jovi perpetually? Haha!

Since last night though, I have been listening to John Clinebell's debut album, Stomping Grounds, exclusively. I have to say his music actually grows on me and the more I listen to him, the more I like his music and strong vocals. I will describe his music as pop-cum-soft rock.

If you would like to preview John Clinebell's full album, you can go to Each track is only 2.00 minutes in length for preview purposes.

Listening to his music, I can feel that John will be a big time singer musician if he can get the big break. We can give him a helping hand by introducing him to other music listeners and mention him in all our social profiles!

If you would like to buy the CD album, which has ten tracks, it is $12 only. Buying more than one copy will entitle you to a 10% discount. Buying the album in downloadable mp3 format is also $12. John Clinebell may just turn me into am mp3 buying music lover! One music lover at a time, John!


Angelica said...

Have you heard that John Clinebell is releasing a new album, Make It Land, due Oct. 25?

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