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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why "NO" To Old Folks' Home

If you have read one of my previous posts, the new owners of the home opposite of mine have applied to the municipal council for a licence to run an old folks home in the house.

Because the house is rather large, it's a detached house, they are going to name it "Premier Old Folks' Home" ad charging RM750 per person. These old folks get to enjoy cable TV, air-conditioning, assistance from three Indonesian maids and of course, meals. Do you think this is worth it? Before they bought the house, it was being rented out at RM750 per month only. And now they are charging each inmate this price. Hah!

Anyway, some neighbours have rallied to sign a petition to protest against the setting up of an old folks' home here. No, we are not against old folks but we are not going to let the value of our property fall. With so many strangers coming to visit these inmates, it would suddenly be a very busy neighbourhood with cars parked every available spot.

And then our security will be compromised because there will always be somebody who would "check the place out". Already we are not feeling very secure here what with the three break-in attempts at my house in the past few years. So no, we do not need more strangers. Thank you very much!


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