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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Magic Loans Online

A friend who has lived in the UK for years told me that banks are very strict with their loans. They make stringent checks to ensure that borrowers could really repay their UK Home Loans and other types of loans.
However, you can now apply for a secured loan online via Magic Loans. You will have to pledge your property against this loan and depending on the amount of your loan your repayment schedule can run from three to thirty years.

It is all very simple and luckily there is a footer note at the bottom of the homepage that reminds us that pledging our property against a loan, which is called secured loan, is serious and we may lose ownership of it if we default on payment. This is something that we have to remember when we take out a loan.

If we get a secured loan through Magic Loans knowing full well the risks and consequences, then I think the ability for us to apply online is an advantage to us!


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