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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I just bought two units of KOSS UPS yesterday and sort of regret it now, even though my electricity has tripped three times yesterday morning. The darn thing is so not user-friendly. The shop told me that I have to give it a full charge before using it. A full charge would take eight to ten hours. And with two units, I had them plugged into the power point since last evening.

I say that it's not user-friendly because after I have plugged in the power and switch it on, there is absolutely no indication of whether it is charging or not. How the hell can I tell wor???

I called up the shop to ask and the salesman told me that there should be a blinking light a few hours after charging, even though it is still not fully charged yet. Right now, it is already dunno how many hours. And the light is still not showing. WTH??? The units are also cold to the touch. Not as if there had been electricity going through!

Yesterday, after I bought my UPS, I called up my friend, "EH, I bought KOSS UPS la. KOSS good ah? I never heard of it wan???" Yeah, I KNOW I should have called BEFORE buying but it's only RM149 each and I didn't have time to loiter around the store waiting for a decision.

Anyways, my friend said KOSS is an "OK" brand but when I told him that it's only RM149, he said that I should have bought a more powerful unit. SIGH!!!

How do I get the damn things to work now, powerful or not???


LcF said...

what is your koss ups model?

Anonymous said...


Now that I reread this post, I know that the reason it was cold was that I had to really press the POWER button down hard until the light shows and there will be a beep sound.

I don't know the model because I can't find it on the unit. I also am not able to find the small brochure that came with it. I threw away the box too as I bought them 1.5 years ago already.

But I can tell you that it's a black box with approximate measurement: 11.5in (length) X 4.5in (width) X 3in (height).

So far, the UPS worked when I needed it to, so no complaints.

LcF said...

thanks for the reply. I plan to get KOSS UPS too. Your information is useful.

kelvinloh said...

Right Power Brand better than Koss Brand.their service also better than koss. so far (more than 2yr)i used the right power UPS no have problem. so i prefer Right Power UPS

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