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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Compare Your Bad Credit Offers

It comes as no surprise that many of my friends and family members, including myself, are in debt one way or another. Most of us had to take out car or home loans. We are sometimes forced into such circumstances like we need a car to get to work to pay off our bills. And at the same time, with a car loan, we have incurred more expenses. We just can't escape, I guess.

Some of us, on the other hand, are in deep financial trouble no thanks to the ease of applying for credit cards which was approved to us even when we cannot support so many credit cards on a single pay check. And we sometimes wonder why our application is approved when we already have a handful of credit cards to our name!

Having all these loans and struggling to repay them make it difficult for us to get more loans. This is good, of course, but sometimes we require more loans. This is why there is something called bad credit offers! Offers like these are for people with bad credit and are not able to get more credit. Bad credit offers come with interest rates that are a little higher.

Therefore, we need to check and compare these offers first before committing ourselves to yet another loan!


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