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Friday, October 26, 2007

Holding My Fire

Today, one guy made me so damn mad at work that I really wanted to shoot a long email to him to FFFffffff him. But I read somewhere that if we have nothing good to say then we should not say anything at all.

The problem is that this guy did not read instructions properly and messed up an issue and now I have to be the one who right it. i hate picking up after people especially when it is a problem that was caused due to plain stupidity. I think more often than not, people are sleeping on their jobs or something and created extra work for others. I really was so angry but I held my tongue and my breath and counted to ten. I am going to wait till I have calmed down first before replying him in a civil way.

The advantage of communicating via email is that unlike a face to face encounter, we get to collect our thoughts and compose our emotions before putting words to text. We can't do this if we are talking face to face because our anger will show in our face and voice.

When I left the office, I was still very angry. I'll only attend to him tomorrow. GGGGGgggrrrrrr


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