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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Visit To Edinburgh

Although some people may tease the Scots for wearing skirts (kilts), Scotland is actually a culturally rich country. Just look at their great architecture in those old castles and the many festivities held throughout the year. This was told to me buy a friend of mine, John, who migrated to Ireland last year, and recently had the opportunity to visit Edinburgh in Scotland.

John said that there are many types of accommodation in Edinburgh from modern hotels to rooms in old castles.but he settled for one of the cheap hotels in Edinburgh as he was on a tight budget.

John said that instead of splurging on hotels in Edinburgh, he bought an Edinburgh pass, he was able to enter to over thirty attractions for free and received great offers on certain promotions.

He also took the opportunity to join the crowd to watch the Edinburgh military tattoo. He was interested in this as he also watched the one that was held in Kuala Lumpur recently and he was able to compare their standards.

John said that he would be going over to visit more places of Scotland soon or perhaps visit more Edinburgh festivals.


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