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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ringgit Continues To Strengthen

Whoops, more bad news. The Ringgit continues to strengthen to a 9 - 10 year high. Sometimes I wonder, is the Ringgit really strengthening as claimed by the central bank or is the US Dollar weakening? In any case, all I know is that what we will be getting gets lesser and lesser.

I just did a rough calculation, USD1000 will only get us MYR3300 + 1% (MYR33). I don't really know how much this translates to per USD because I don't have a calculator here and I would need it and pen and paper to get the figure out. Hah!

With the lower PR, lower earning potential of the blogs, rising living cost and other commitments, it will be a tougher year ahead in 2008. Yes, I am ever the pessimist until I DO otherwise then I will think positive.

Anyway, I can’t really concentrate on writing this post because I just woke up *yawn* It’s funny that I almost forgot what I wanted to write about after blog hopping! Back to dreamland ZZZZzzz


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