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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vintage Candy For Children

Do you like candy? Have you thought of running your own little candy stand? I did. Frankly, I only wanted it just so that I could dip my hands into the candy box whole day long without having to pay!

Yesterday, someone pointed out an online store to me which sells candy. This store is like a wholesale candy store where they sell candy in bulk by the pound but they also sell in smaller quantities but not retail.

If you check the store, you can find lots of rare or vintage candy that is not easy to find locally. I don't even recognize some of the candy names! I think that buying vintage bulk candy would save us a lot of money but then it may not practical to have so much candy unless we are going to resell them or give them away during children's parties or Children's Day. My own "Children's Day" seem ages ago but I remember how happy we all were to have one candy per student.

So if you are a parent with young children and need to contribute something to the class, vintage bulk candy would do the trick!


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