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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Digging Out My Shortwave Radio

So, I've got a whole lot of free time on my hands and I don't feel like doing anything with my blogs yet. I thought that I would play some games (last night) but then I really have had my share of computer overdose and it needs a little rest as well. My little baby has been working non-stop for the past year as well.

So I dug out my shortwave radio, actually didn't dig but it was sitting at the corner of my desk covered with dust, untouched for the past year and a half. Thankfully, it's still working but I have lost touch with all the stations and their frequency.

I don't have any shortwave directory anymore as I sold all of them. I only have the 2007 copy with me which I am giving my friend, so I didn't want to use it. Anyway, the good thing is that the winter schedules are out and I will be getting some of them in the mail.... if not, I can depend on the internet!


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